I Smile Confidently Again

For over a year (maybe it has even been two years), I have been smiling with my mouth closed. This has been due to the issue on my two top, front teeth. The issue I’ve had, as an autistic person who becomes overloaded easily, is seeing a dentist. Bright lights, loud drills, physical sensations, you name it — it’s at the dentist. It’s many a person’s worst nightmare (or close).

I’ve finally met a dentist at a place called Wilson Dental (they have several offices) who really is a calming presence. This is because she was genuine. She was actually very funny and, most important, non-judgmental. Well, at least she didn’t judge my teeth out loud.

She gave me two root canals, did some other work and even did a bit extra that she didn’t have to do — she made them “look better”. When she said she was going to make them look better, I thought just slightly. After all, they wouldn’t truly look better until I got my crowns on at a later date, right? Wrong! She performed what I consider a miracle and filled in the large hole I had in my front teeth, making them look natural and new.

I had my doubts about seeing the only dentist I was able to because I’m on Medicaid. Well, there was one other option, but they gave me the gut feeling of a big NO WAY. I was wrong regarding Medicaid and got really lucky to see a dentist who helped give me back my confidence and checked in on my every now and then to see if I was “okay, sweetie”.

What a great day! I no longer fear going to the dentist.



  1. That’s wonderful news! Congragulations for going through with seeing a dentist. I know going to mine is difficult, though he is very kind and the rooms are private, I still have a lot of stress not knowing if he will hit a nerve when drilling or if any ambient noise from the outside will make me involuntarily jerk my head. Blessed weekend to you πŸ™‚

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