The day I found out nothing was ‘wrong’ with me.

For most of my life, I’ve thought something must be ‘wrong’ with me. If it was listed in the DSM, I’ve considered it. I’ve always known I was somehow different. Psychological disorders have been a long time special interest, which has its pros and cons. I was fortunate enough to be formally diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder about a year ago. It’s something that was talked about when I was a child, and that I’d considered as an adult, but a formal diagnosis seemed to snap everything in to place. The puzzle was solved. I even celebrated.

Nothing was or is ‘wrong’ with me. I’m simply a less common neurotype. And, really, who wants to be common? Awesome. I started to make new autistic friends, relate to others more easily,. make my own sensory toys, and more. I couldn’t thank my treatment team enough for finally solving this mystery. I can only laugh now, thinking about all of the things I thought might have been wrong with me. Not that any of them were truly funny.

Some people may consider an autism diagnosis a bad thing. If that is you or a loved one, I encourage you to seek the positives about being autistic and try to make new friends, even if only online. It has had a huge impact on my self-esteem. My therapist reminds me of how much it’s increasing. Speaking of therapists, I also recommend you find a brilliant one. I’ve seen many and finally found the one for me. And no, I don’t have to pay top dollar to see him — he’s at my local mental health clinic. I see autism as something to learn to accept if you don’t, and hopefully learn to be proud about! Good luck to you!



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