Oversharing and being somewhat non-verbal

Sometimes I say a lot in writing. Stuff I wouldn’t say out loud to a person. I’m somewhat non-verbal. My life is completely different in writing than it is in the face-to-face world. That is one reason my therapist allows me to write to him.

I believe I may have overshared in an e-mail yesterday, thanks to less inhibition due to a little wine and my tendency to share a lot in writing anyway. Yeah, I e-mailed someone and told them I felt a deep connection all of these years and wanted to be friends. I admitted that I have trouble talking and that it was easier to write. I even shared that I was recently diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Well, I was actually diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but I feel that people understand the former and what it means, more clearly than if you just say “Autism”.

I’m not really sure if I overshared. Everything I said was true. Perhaps I just needed to finally “say” it. Maybe a little wine is just what I need to “spit it out”.




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